Women Trail Blazers in Leadership

This month we celebrate Women’s history month and what better way to kick off the celebration of women trailblazing leadership than by highlighting our very own Tracy Holloman of  Purposeful Leadership Solutions.

Tracy Headt Shot Forward FCG_3x5 ColorPurposeful Leadership Solutions started five years ago in the heart and mind of Ms. Holloman. The company exists to develop small and medium sized businesses that do not have their own HR departments helping them focus on the strategic and tactical solutions that drive business success.

Since the company’s inception, Tracy has served as the President and Managing Partner and is the lead coach for the company along side her business partner and Vice President of sales and marketing , Kevin Key.

Tracy works with clients and coaches them on business issues, develops programs that build solid work teams and coaches high potential employees to assume leadership roles. She has worked with employees at the executive level to front-line staff and develops young professionals entering  or re-entering the workforce.  She specializes in developing leadership capacity through developmental coaching and training and also specializes in change management and organizational assessment and solution development.

The Call

Each of us have a calling, a divine purpose in life that speaks to us. So, when we asked Tracy what called her to this type of work she responded by saying, “I was working for a large non-profit years ago and the work that I was doing really didn’t speak to me anymore. I knew that there was so much more that I could do to transition the people and organization through the changes that they were going through but my hands were tied. I also realized that I had a gift and talent for coaching people; transitioning them to where they wanted to be. I had done it time and time again so I entered into a program to hone my talent so that it would be more process oriented but authentic and yet achieved the desired results.”

“I have a natural desire and gift for helping people in their time of need. I love to inspire and motivate people  and coaching has allowed me to give of myself in a way that is holistic, educational, goal and action oriented.”

Community and Service

The work that Purposeful Leadership Solutions does  serves people that run businesses and the people that operate them, helping them to get out of their own way. The work also helps to create strategic and tactical solutions that a business or person has never experienced before that once experienced, transforms them to higher levels of consciousness so that they can achieve their organizational and personal objectives.


PLS have served in local communities through the development of programs that set youth up for success, using goal planning as the catalyst for change, leadership development, team building, problem-solving and decision-making . The company provides coaching as well as other developmental programs to underserved communities, non-profits and works with women transitioning back to work or out of regular work into their own businesses.

The Journey

Tracy  shared with us that after almost 25 years of working for others, she decided that it was time for her to create something that would allow her to do the work that she loved while touching people in a way that calls them to take their lives and businesses to another level. Through the formation of PLS, she has been able to do that without the politics that sometimes resides in larger companies, which can make it impossible to implement change or create an environment of trust and collaboration.

Living Your Passion

We asked Tracy what she is most passionate about and it wasn’t hard to guess, People!

“Helping anyone in need achieve their desired dreams, goals and aspirations is what I love to do.  I love to see when people get the revelation that they can achieve anything that they put their hearts and minds to.

“I am also passionate about my family; my mom, dad, sisters and brother, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins are the people who keep me grounded. Each of them are special to me.”

“ I also have a passion for hobbies; cooking, baking, art and writing. In my spare time, I will whip up a cake, a new recipe, create a new drawing, a painting or make some something to decorate my home or someone else’s.”


When asked what comes to mind when she thinks of leadership, Tracy said, “What comes to mind when I think of leadership is this: Inspiration, Vision, Ownership, Accountability, Exclusive Meritocracy, Commitment, and Perseverance. “

“Great leaders inspire others to go beyond where they are. They help to paint the vision of where they and their followers are going and help each individual realize how their gifts, talents and abilities play a role in achieving the final outcome. “

“A leader takes ownership and accountability for their role in the journey and owns each step without pointing fingers if something is missed or goes awry. A great leader gives merit to those that play a role in achieving the desired outcomes and doesn’t take all of the glory for themselves.”

“A leader is committed daily to whatever it is they are in charge of leading and they never give up, they always persevere!”

Doing Something Different

We asked Tracy, if there was one thing that she could have done differently in her journey, what is it and why would she change it? Here is what she said:

“I believe that the journey is just that, a journey! There will be successful steps and mis-steps but they are all a greater part of shaping our character, our skills and abilities and our lives. I wouldn’t change anything because my journey has inspired me to do what I love and serve others.


Final Word – “Gratitude”

Thank you Tracy, for being a true “Trail blazer of Leadership”  in the area of HR Organizational Development and Coaching . To learn more about Purposeful Leadership Solutions, visit their website at www.pls-ny.com.


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