Using the Skill of Coaching to Drive Greater Real Estate Sales Results!

Home_SoldThis is the season for real estate sales. You’re out there doing your very best, but how many times have you shown a buyer a series of houses you thought matched their needs, then ended up writing an offer for something entirely different?

What about the buyer whose lost interest because you haven’t been able to locate the right property? Both scenarios often occur with most agents occasionally, but when either is a common occurrence it’s time to do something different with your questioning to find out the desires of the seller and the buyer!


So why do I talk about the seller? Emotional attachment! When you write that listing, how much of the seller does the buyer know in terms of what they have put into the property and why the home was a good fit for them when they were living there?


We often think of “emotion” as a “sales killer” when in fact it is a “sales builder”! Some buyers buy out of emotion, so knowing the ‘emotional value’ the seller places on the home as it relates is just as important as the number of bedrooms and baths, etc. within the home. A Buyer wants to know that they will be able to get the same or greater value out of the home especially if they want to create memories with their own families. So, knowing the emotional value ,etc. is key.


The Answers Lie Within

We all seem to ask the standard open-ended questions: how many bedrooms and baths do you need, what’s the minimum square footage you require, is a garage or basement necessary? Realistically, all of those questions can be answered with short responses, which can be easily fed to MLS databases. Unfortunately, they don’t provide much information about a client’s emotional desires of how they want to feel when they walk through the doors of their new home and begin life anew. So here are some tips for asking high quality open-ended questions that you can ask of sellers and buyers to extract and attract the best home sales experience.


Listing a home

Asking questions that get to the emotion of the seller so that you can paint a clear picture of what the seller will be getting when they purchase the home is key. Here are some sample first-level questions:

  • If there was something that you wanted to share with a buyer about what the home has meant to you over the last ten years what would you share?
  • What do you want the buyer to feel when they walk through the doors?
  • What value does the home’s kitchen bring to a potential buyer?
  • Tell me about the landscaping – what most appeals to you about the plants and flowers that are there?
  • How would you like the buyer to see the home when they drive up to it?
  • What can I do to create value for you in selling your home?

Meeting with a Potential Buyer

By all means, start by asking your standard questions, bedrooms, baths, etc. However, now it’s time to dig deeper so that discovering wants and needs is more than just the bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen questions it’s about how they want to feel when they find it. Here are some sample questions for a potential buyer.

  • How would you like to feel when we find your new home?
  • If you could paint a picture of the outside of your new home, what does it look like when you drive up to it? How does it make you feel?
  • What should the kitchen have or not have in order to create value for you?
  • How often do you entertain?
  • What’s the average number of guest that you typically entertain?
  • What would the space look and feel like if you were going to entertain?
  • How can a potential seller create value for you in terms of what you are looking for in a new home?
  • How can I create value for you in terms of selling your home?

Going for the deep dive on your questioning does not only open the mind and emotions of the seller and buyer, it opens the relationships that you have with them and creates a relationship of trust.

More Answers = More Questions

You’ve set aside the time to view new listings, attend open houses specifically held for agents. Why not take the time to formulate questions that achieve a closed sale. You’ll find that each answer to an open-ended question leads to the opportunity for more questions and answers. Before long, you’ll have a better overall picture of what the seller has put into the property and be able to match them to the buyer’s wants and needs, and that gives you the edge when identifying properties that are a right fit. Even though you might not hit the perfect property the first time, showing buyers things they like right from the start is a great way to keep them from drifting away!

To learn more about the skill of coaching to drive sales, contact Tracy Holloman, CPC, PCC – Managing Partner at Purposeful Leadership Solutions. She can help you to get the answers you need to drive your sales.  You can contact Tracy at or at 347-869-6296.




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  1. michaelfeeleylifecoach | May 13, 2015 at 8:12 am #

    A wonderful post Tracy! Great questions and so useful to real estate people for digging deep and going beyond the surface of selling a home or property. Thank you.

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