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Your Purpose Picks You!

Years ago, I worked for a financial company in down town Manhattan where I wore many hats and often commiserated with others as we talked about how heavy our workloads were and yet we were not compensated enough for the work we did. This today, however, is the new norm as businesses find themselves doing […]

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The “Undervalued” Leadership Traits of Women

Recently, I had the honor of speaking with the Long Island “Women of Influence” group about leadership traits that are inherent to women.  I felt I needed to speak about this topic for two reasons; first, because women often think that to be successful in their careers, business and at home that they need to […]

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Part II – Planning for Continued Business Success…After you are gone!

Last month, we talked about the implications and best practices for leveraging and developing people in the succession planning. This month, our focus is on communicating to your staff that a succession plan is coming, and how to explain the potential impact to employees including the effect on their career. The Executive Team Whenever a […]

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“Who’s Managing the Managers?” –  A Lesson in Management Performance

“Who’s Managing the Managers?” – A Lesson in Management Performance

So often people are elevated to managerial positions because of their technical ability to do their job, not because they have the ability to lead, or manage people and operations.  Take Ron for instance. Ron has been with a very large and reputable technology company for 23 years. He has good sales skills and longevity […]

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employee turnover

What’s Causing Turnover in Your Organization?

To compete with larger companies, small businesses should have efficient workforces that are as productive as possible. Increasing employee retention is one way to achieve this. High turnover in any organization has an immediate impact on any organization. When we think of an employee leaving, we immediately think to replace them and how the departure […]

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