“Young Professional” Development

Designed and facilitated with the needs of young professionals in mind, this experiential workshop addresses the fundamental areas of professional development that employers say are necessary to young professionals’ success when they walk through the doors of their organizations. Skills such as:

Effective CommunicationYoung Professionals _1
• Goal Setting
• Time Management
• Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
• Accountability


Let’s face it, most companies send their employees to classes or they have in-house instructor-led training and/or on-line learning in which employees participate, however, application of new skills often fall to the wayside once employees are back at work. Attitudes, habits and behaviors are rarely addressed and new skills rarely applied.

Our learning approach combines skills application with coaching to address and change the attitudes, habits and behaviors of participants so that they are actually applying their skills to their work. The result is engaged, productive and effective employees.

This workshop is facilitated 2-hours each month for 5 months. Why do we use this approach instead of a full day class? There are 6 keys to this program’s success:

Young Professionals _4

1. Spaced Repetition gives young professionals time to actually apply what they have learned.

2. Goal setting provides a focus for mastery of learning and holds them accountable to goal achievement.

3. Working with others develops accountability and acts as a critical thinking and problem-solving “Think-Tank”.

4. Experiential assignments drive learning, attitudes, habits, and behavior change and skills application.

5. Skill application is measurable versus traditional training methods.

6. You as an employer realize an actual return on investment (ROI) versus traditional training methods.

The investment is only $500.00. A small price that reaps big rewards for your business!   Think about it; the average two-day class can cost anywhere between $1800 and $2500 per employee with no goals, no accountability, no attitude, behavior or habit change which means no skills application. If you want development and not just training for the young professionals in your organization, contact us today.