Management Development

New managers and supervisors often come up through the ranks, however, helping them in their development before they take on their new role is key!

We have all seen or experienced it, a new manager or supervisor received a promotion based on their hard work, however, once they are in the new role, we quickly realize that they do not have the skills necessary to effectively manage the work or lead others. That’s because they are good “technically”, but if you haven’t developed them in preparation for their new role or once they are in the new role, you are setting them up for failure. Manager of People

Our training and coaching process helps new managers and supervisors develop the necessary skills needed to effectively manage people and the day to day operations of your business.  Our proven process helps new managers and supervisors understand and develop the intrinsic and extrinsic competencies needed to become top performers in middle management. We help new managers and supervisors to:

  • develop their leadership skills
  • communicate more effectively
  • focus on making good decisions
  • manage their time
  • better manage projects
  • set and achieve goals
  • problem-solve  and turn solutions into action

They will develop motivation and confidence  in themselves while learning how to inspire others to take ownership and accountability for their work. Our development process also helps them to learn how to better manage negative behaviours in others and create collaborative and productive working environments.


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