For Women Only – “Inspired Transitions Coaching”

Many of today’s women have not mastered creating a life that is both fulfilling and filled with passion at every level. Being fulfilled at every level is important to women and recognizing that whether personally or professionally you can have as much or as little as you want in your life; it’s really up to you. When you first decide what it is that you want, define the actions needed to achieve it and then take the steps that are necessary to achieving it is when you fully live the life that you want it.

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At Purposeful Leadership Solutions we have a specialized coaching process that allows women to create the life that they want. Whether you are a stay at home mom or whether you work outside of the home, hold an executive or leadership position or not, want to improve your health or relationships, helping you figure it out and transition to where you want to be is what we do.



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Our guided coaching process allows women to achieve what they want on their terms by:

  • Defining what’s at your core (your purpose)
  • Connecting your core to outer goals so that you bring forth achievable results
  • Offering  women the opportunity to hone in and cultivate those inherent and undervalued leadership traits that drive results
  • Facilitating confidence building and development of effective leadership skills
  • Providing support, encouragement and  action oriented goal planning and accountability that allows women to achieve their objectives



Our Coaching Can be Facilitated :

  • On an individual one-to-one basis
  • As an interactive coaching group
  • As a team building workshop



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