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Successful People Have Successful Habits and Set Goals

Did you ever wonder why some people get ahead and some people just seem to sit idle and not go anywhere or achieve the desires of their hearts? Think about it, so many of us want to achieve, be or do something profound in with our lives whether it is personal or professional however, we […]

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Building a Sound Non-Profit Requires a Sound Strategy!

Strategic planning has long been used as a tool to transform and revitalize organizations whether they are a for -profit or non-profit. However, there have been some mis-conceptions or perceptions around strategic planning, its purpose, and value and what it takes to build a plan that fosters the ability to succeed. Indeed, a strategic planning […]

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Generation Z! Aren’t We Working with Millennials?

Just when we thought we had mastered working with “millennial” employees, now we need to think about the how to best work with the next generation entering the workforce, “Generation Z”! We better do it quickly however because they are entering the workforce soon and they bring with them a whole new set of ideals. […]

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